KeSPA flawless in today's WCS Korea

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 16 August 2012 22:00
After sC, Genius was Jaedong's second victim

The KeSPA contingent continues its successful run through WCS Korea's losers bracket as the "old school" pros diligently eliminate one GSL player after another.

We've often referred to hero[join] and Effort as CJ's clearly imbalanced archon and it so happened that it fell to them to open today's playday, each against a scary GSL players. hero[join] stood against MVP's Tails but it was a short stand and one that ended bad for the GSL protoss. After losing the Ohana set, Tails tried to be all fancy and opened phoenixes but made the mistake of revealing them too early and Hero went straight for the blink stalker hard counter. Tails was thus violated into a defensive position from which he could do nothing but fight for dear life, making his phoenix tech essentially useless. After some more minutes of suffering, the GSL protoss had to accept the fact that he was no longer part of WCS Korea.

After playing that jaw-dropping game against Soulkey in WBR1, it was expected from Gumiho to deliver a win against CJ's Effort. Game one on Ohana brought him really close as the two players engaged in a base race but the brood lords and infestors proved to be way more cost efficient than marines in this hectic situations where every unit lost is ten times more detrimental. Second game was nowhere near as close, though, as a careless lack of wall off was too inviting for Effort's lings and just like that Gumiho was out 0-2.

The first KeSPA player to win a WCS match - KHAN's Reality - did not have it as easy as Effort and hero[join]. IM_Happy opened up with a victory in the first game but a huge spike in Reality's performance allowed the KeSPA player to recover. Displaying better positioning, engagement and overview of the game, Reality was able to make a comeback and bring it to a 2-1, eliminating the GSL terran out of the tournament.

"The Tyrant" is always a high-profile player but with him now in the losers bracket, his fans tune in with the same question in mind: "Will this be end of Jaedong in WCS Korea?". Not today, in the words of Syrio Forel! JD's opponent was none other than long-time GSL veteran Genius who immediately went for the units he loves so much: void rays. A 2-base void ray/stalker rush caught JD unprepared and "The Tyrant" promptly lost his third and the game soon thereafter.

Genius' solid play cracked in game three, however, as a hole in his wall-off gave JD a green light to march his lings in and demolish the mineral line to tie the score. With the confirmation that Genius is beatable now in mind, JD opened game three with the mutalisk-heavy style he had used in so many of his recent ZvPs. Hiding behind a spine crawler wall, JD flew in and flew back enough times to leave but ruins from the once thriving protoss base and Team 8's ace kept his tournament life.

WCS Korea Losers Round 2
Korea hero[join]2-0Korea Tails
Korea Effort2-0Korea Gumiho
Korea Reality2-1Korea Happy
Korea Jaedong2-1Korea Genius