Nerchio dominates Koreans in IEM group A

Posted by Eyal "KOKOStern" Stern at 16 August 2012 17:43
_MG_3268_sc2.jpgPicture by: Thomas 'ScHniPPaH' Lüthje

Nerchio was on fire today as he beat all three of his Korean matches. Coming short in close games with DeMusliM and SortOf leaves him at the top of his group with 3-2. ForGG and SortOf take second and third respectively and advance to the playoffs as well.

Nerchio must have had it in for the Koreans as he started the day's competitions blazing through inori 2-0. Giving his fellow foreigners a strong fight he lost two series 2-1 only to face PuMa with renewed strength. After a convincing 2-0 he moved on to his final victim in ForGG claiming another full series 2-0 and first place in the group.

Keeping his chin up after a wonderful time at WCS Sweden, SortOf started the day with a loss to ForGG 2-0 followed by a win on inori 2-1. Showing to be a strong competitor he takes two 2-1 sets from his fellow foreigners and losses later to Puma 2-1. As group A finishes he sits comfortably at third place.

IEM veteran PuMa finishes last in his group, tied to DeMusliM both with two series won and three lost. inori sits at forth place with the same score, yet one more match won.

Group A
Poland Nerchio 3-28:5
Korea ForGG 3-27:5
Sweden SortOf 3-27:7
Korea inori2-36:7
Korea PuMa 2-35:7
United Kingdom DeMusliM 2-35:7
Nerchio 2-1 inori
Nerchio 2-0 PuMa
Nerchio 2-0 ForGG
ForGG 2-0 SortOf
ForGG 2-1 PuMa
ForGG 2-0 DeMusliM
SortOf 2-1 inori
SortOf 2-1 DeMusliM
SortOf 2-1 Nerchio
inori 2-1 ForGG
inori 2-0 Puma
PuMa 2-1 SortOf
PuMa 2-0 DeMusliM
DeMusliM 2-1 Nerchio
DeMusliM 2-0 inori

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