Jaedong, Effort eliminate sC, DongRaeGu from WCS Korea

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 14 August 2012 18:27

The KeSPA guys went three for three in today's matches as CJ's hero[join] joined his zerg friends in LBR 2 after he sent YuGiOh packing.

After falling to the losers bracket via a loss to Alive, Jaedong was looking forward to getting his revenge on the terran race and sC looked like a suitable candidate. A roach aggression off two bases on Ohana, followed by a mutalisk/baneling transition got The Tyrant his 1-0 lead, but after sC tied it on Antiga, the zerg legend was one game away from elimination. Entombed Valley welcomed the players for the final set and this is where JD got the chance to show his full skill. Every flank cost sC more than it did Jaedong and every engagement meant either death by fungal or a sweep up by ultras and infestors. The grandeur of The Tyrant hit sC with a force he could not withstand.

In the second Bo3 for the day, DongRaeGu and his 70% average ZvZ win ratio went against CJ's Effort, a player at that time undefeated in mirror matches with a 6-0 in score. The first two sets were straightforward, both won or lost on the back of roach attacks but the third game... the third game was something! The combination of Tal'Darim Altar, which hasn't been used in Korean tournaments for some time now, and mirrored one-base baneling plays summoned a scent of nostalgia as Effort fought for dear life against DRG's attacks. "Effort is dead now" were words often uttered only to hang shallowly three seconds later as the CJ zerg dodged one baneling blast after another, staying ahead in harvesters during the whole game. The audience knew very well the direction this game was going and so did DRG before, his last action in WCS Korea.


YuGiOh's unfortunate adventures through WCS Korea led him to hero[join] - the protoss player who, together with Effort, is largely responsible for his team's highest ranking in the SPL. The fight was not even close: YuGiOh took a good old fashioned colossus ball beating on Shakuras and saw his mutas do less than nothing on Cloud Kingdom, letting hero[join] take both sets and advance to round two to face Tails.

In a postponed winner bracket round two match, HerO faced Creator in an uphill challenge considering his arrival not three hours before the game. The series fired off with a base race on Cloud Kingdom that went to HerO after Creator made the mistake of engaging a guardian shielded army, taking a 1-0 lead. Despite looking good in the first game, however, HerO could not wrap it up and two blink stalker games later Creator advanced to the Ro8 to face Puzzle.

WCS Korea Losers Round 1
Korea Jaedong2-1Korea sC
Korea Effort2-1Korea DongRaeGu
Korea hero[join]2-0Korea YuGiOh
Korea Creator2-1 (WBR 2)Korea HerO

Due to MC's and MVP's forfeiture from the tournament, just three more LBR 1 matches remain and they are to be played tomorrow. By.Sun goes against Horror, Coca faces Soulkey and Dreamertt plays BboongBboong.