VIDEO: TvP Battle Report

Posted by Eyal "KOKOStern" Stern at 14 August 2012 11:30

The latest Heart of the Swarm Battle Report is out. Join Rob Simpson and Day9 as they go through a casual Terran vs Protoss in the latest alpha build of HotS.

The match starts off normal with Day9 and Rob going over the map. As each race expands to the natural we see the Protoss player get his Mothership Core as the Terran goes for a double factory to start up his mech build. We are quickly introduced to the Collapsible Rock Tower - a 500 HP rock formation that can be destroyed to block off a path with 2000 HP collapsible rock tower debris.

Our Protoss goes for some Oracle harass with its Entomb ability that closes off mineral lines with shields for a short time or until destroyed. The Terran player counters with Widow Mines that quickly dispatch of the Oracle. As the Terran builds up his Battle Hellion and Warhound army, the Protoss start up a fleet beacon and gets on to producing those long range Tempests.

Will the Stargate Tempest army be enough to take out the new Terran mech play? Find out in the video below.