First upsets TaeJa, JonnyREcco marches on

Posted by Michael "Zechs_" Radford at 14 August 2012 01:11
Tonight saw the completion of the round-of-16 in the Team Liquid Star League. Four matches were broadcast, spanning the gamut from intense macro to nail-biting all-ins.

This weekend was a busy one for Starcraft fans, with IPL just about stealing the show. But TSL4 had its own array of excellent games, which came to a crescendo this evening. With the round-of-16 completed, the quarter-final bracket has now taken shape, but it will be without TAC nearly-man TaeJa, after he went out 3-2 to Life. DarkForce and HasuObs were also eliminated earlier in the weekend, while Creator eased past CoCa in their match.

Tonight's games were a pretty mixed back. The opener was by far the most one-sided, as Kas got stomped in straight maps by Life. Kas looked uncharacteristically sloppy in the series, and was never really in any of the games. Next up, two StarTale team-mates faced off, but it was Curious who emerged victorious. Squirtle picked up just one map, but played a big part in one of the most epic games of the tournaments so far - carries, templars, archons and pretty much anything that hits air battled with broodlords, corruptors and a ton of infestors.

The closest and probably most entertaining series was Vortix against Keen. This one went all the way, right down to the final battle of the fifth map. Vortix's last stand just wasn't quite strong enough to overturn the Korean and the Spanish Zerg player was dumped out of the tournament. All hope of a European victor now lay in the hands of JonnyREcco. After his series against Major, those hopes are still alive. He took the second 3-0 of the night, though the games were closer than Kas against Life.

Team Liquid StarLeague 4
Quarter Final
Korea Hack vsKorea Creator
Korea Sting vsKorea First
Korea Life vsKoreaCurious
Korea KeeN vsUnited Kingdom JonnyREcco