Protoss on top according to TLPD stats

Posted by Michael "Zechs_" Radford at 10 August 2012 12:20
The TLPD monthly statistics update always makes for interesting viewing, and July appeared to be the month of protoss.

In a month where the GSL final featured a Protoss mirror, it will surprise no-one to see that the men from Aiur dominate the stats both inside and outside Korea. The gap is far from huge, but Protoss had the advantage in both matchups though July. Outside of Korea, Protoss had a 52.4% win ratio against Terran and much closer 50.7% against Zerg. The biggest difference, however, goes to Zerg against Terran, with a very significant 10% swing in The Swarm's favour.

In Korea, things were a little closer, but Protoss were still on top: 52.5% against Terran and 52.2% against Zerg. Interestingly, the most imbalanced matchup (stats-wise) elsewhere swung back towards Terrans in Korea, with a 51.2% win rate. Fascinatingly, though, if you were to remove TaeJa and Gumiho from the sample, TvZ would drop hugely to 47.1%. The Summer of TaeJa, indeed.

If you head over to Team Liquid thread you can see more details graphics, including the trends of the previous 12 months.

Team Liquid - Source