MC's fall completes WCS Korea Ro32

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 09 August 2012 18:12

The final of WCS Korea Ro32 is over and after a long streak of protoss and terran victories, the zerg players finally had their say!

The day began with Genius against dreamertt and after SlayerS' new protoss acquisition dropped the first set after a poorly handled 1-base void ray, he recovered with a flashy bang, frying dreamertt's army with storms in game two and split him apart with perfect forcefields in game three to advance to the Ro16.

Squirtle against BboongBboong was just as one sided once the protoss got his mojo running. A standard 7-gate immortal push ended Bboong on Ohana without even so much as a slight stumble and a DT opening into an immortal/gateway centric army sent the zerg crawling towards the losers bracket.

With so many zergs falling to the losers bracket, RorO had the important task of both defending his race and standing up for his KeSPA brethren. After a long and intense ZvT against Hack on Ohana, RorO went down 0-1 as his ultralisk transition did not yield good results, especially with his mining bases being constantly under fire.

After a blue flame hellion opening that left RorO poor on workers, the zerg went for a 2-base muta transition, finding a small window during which he killed approximately 15 workers before turrets and thors shut him out. Just as thing were picking up again for Hack, he decided to make a move towards Roro's fourth which forced him out of position, the consequences being the entire wrath of the baneling/muta/ling swarm that tied the score. The scenario on Antiga Shipyard was painfully similar: Hack launched an attack towards Roro's base and found himself between an ultralisk and a hard place.


Once again, the highlight match of the day was left for last as MC faced Leenock at the end of the Ro32. After winning game one Ohana on the back of a fancy warp prism harass into colossus transition, MC found himself under heavy mutalisk pressure on Entombed that had him spinning between his three bases, desperately trying to chase out the pest before ultralisks arrived to put an end to the party. To put an anticlimactic cherry on top of the Ro32 cake, MC decided to skip his first zealot in game three, dying to a zergling all in as a result.

WCS Korea Ro32 Day 4
Korea Genius2-1Korea Dreamertt
Korea Squirtle2-0Korea BboongBboong
Korea RorO2-1Korea Hack
Korea Leenock2-1Korea MC

The games resume tomorrow with the first four matches from the Winners Bracket Ro16, then it's time for a weekend break and Monday, August 13th will see the remaining four games of this round being played out.

WCS Korea Ro16 Day 1
August 10th
Korea MiyaVSKorea Curious
Korea PartingVSKorea Alive
Korea PoltVSKorea Tails
Korea SeedVSKorea Gumiho
WCS Korea Ro16 Day 2
August 13th
Korea CreatorVSKorea HerO
Korea PuzzleVSKorea Reality
Korea GeniusVSKorea Squirtle
Korea RorOVSKorea Leenock