MLG Summer Championship Map Pool changes

Posted by Eyal "KOKOStern" Stern at 09 August 2012 13:05
In accordance with the latest trends in map pools, MLG has finally decided to remove the high yield mineral fields from their maps. This change will affect the upcoming Summer Championship to take place at the 24-26 of August.

MLG states that alongside the balance changes of Patch 1.4.3, the high yield minerals don't favor any race significantly and so there was no reason to exclude them. The best interest of the players was always at heart as both the Spring and Summer seasons had the yellow minerals included in Antiga Shipyard in order to stay consistent with the Ladder version of the map.

The upcoming MLG Championship in Raleigh will include the WCS North America Finals. WCS Antiga Shipyard chose to remove the High Yield Minerals and so MLG decided it's in the best interest of the players to be consistent across all tournaments during the weekend.

Here is the full Map Pool for the Summer Championship:

MLG Antiga Shipyard - Cross spawns only.
MLG ESV Cloud Kingdom
MLG Daybreak
MLG Entombed Valley - No close 3rds by ground spawns.
MLG Metropolis - No close by ground spawns.
MLG Shakuras Plateau - No close by ground spawns.
MLG Tal'darim Altar - All spawns allowed.


Neutral Supply Depots added to all Maps except MLG Tal'darim Altar.
MLG Antiga Shipyard does not have High Yield Minerals.
MLG Metropolis - Reduced decorations for better performance.
MLG Metropolis - Island expansions removed.

Source: MLG


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