Reality avenges KeSPA in WCS Korea day three

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 08 August 2012 15:13
Photo by: Daily Esports

After the second to last day of Ro32 action, Samsung KHAN's terran is the only KeSPA member to have defeated a GSL player, sending YuGiOh to the losers bracket with 2-0.

Before Reality's success could become, well, reality, three other matches had to be played, starting with DongRaeGu versus Creator. After his 0-3 loss to MC in last season's Code S semi finals, MVP's zerg played another unconvincing ZvP series, taking just one game on the back of his mutalisks. His final Winners Bracket stand was on Ohana, where DongRaeGu's banelings got outmicroed by Creator's stalkers for the 2-1.

It was after that that the trio of GSL vs KeSPA matches began. First on the line was Effort, who's been reaping excellent results for CJ Entus in the Proleague. Despite his outstanding record, though, Effort could not get past Liquid`HerO as the PvZ specialist hit both his timings perfectly, striking before Brood Lords are out in game one and punishing the greedy play by Effort in the second.


Before Reality, Effort's teammate hero[join] was the one to come closest to a victory over a GSL player, in that case SlayerS_Puzzle. Puzzle pulled ahead after a crazy blink stalker base race but faced defeat on Daybreak as he could not keep up with hero's prism micro which claimed several key pylons and nearly 20 probes. With one game a piece, the two protosses spawned on Antiga Shipyard for what ended up being a standard war of the worlds colossus face-off. The stalemate was broken after hero overdid a zealot warp-in harass, making his army that much more susceptible and opening wide the doors to his defeat - an invitation Puzzle gladly accepted.

In the final game of the day, Reality cemented his renommee as one of the best players in transition, something he acquired after being the only KeSPA player to beat the WCS preliminary rounds. His opponent YuGiOh faced a lethal mix of early marine attacks and timing pushes combined with the unfaltering macro of the terran and could not win even a single set, making him the first GSL player to lose to a KeSPA member in this tournament.

WCS Korea Ro32 Day 3
Korea Creator2-1Korea DongRaeGu
Korea HerO2-0Korea Effort
Korea Puzzle2-1Korea hero[join]
Korea Reality2-0Korea YuGiOh

Tomorrow, the last four matches from the WB Ro32 will be played out, featuring the other KeSPA player still standing in the Winners Bracket, Reality's team-mate RorO, as well as Leenock, MC, Genius and more.

August 9th

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