OSL Dual Tournament: Flash advances to the Ro16

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 08 August 2012 11:11

Unarguably the biggest KeSPA star that played in OSL's dual tournament - KT Rolster's Young Ho "Flash" Lee - advanced to the next round together with Last, Baby and BeSt. Flash is the only player of the TBLS that made the top 16.

Since the OSL KeSPA preliminaries saw not one or two upsets in the elimination of Jaedong, Bisu, Stork, Effort and Kal among others, many an eye turned to the last Brood War legend who was to test his SC2 skills before the Ro16. Flash was placed in a group with Last, Ryul2 and BiSang from which he promptly graduated as the top performer. Second came STX Soul's Last to paint the picture of a terran dominated Group C.

In Group B, one of SK Telecom's top SC2 players BeST took the leading position with two PvT wins against Classic and Baby, the latter too securing a Ro16 for himself. With Group A already played on July 31st, this wraps up the KeSPA dual tournament phase.

OSL KeSPA Dual Tournament
Group AGroup BGroup C
Korea Flying2-0Korea BeSt2-0Korea Flash2-0
Korea Rain2-1Korea Baby2-1Korea Last2-1
Korea Bogus1-2Korea ZerO1-2Korea Ryul21-2
Korea Soulkey0-2Korea Classic0-2Korea BiSang0-2

These results mean that there will be no KeSPA zerg players competing in the Ro16 as Soulkey, Ryul2 and ZerO all fell in the dual tournament. With Jangbi and Fantasy seeded directly into the next round it gives the OSL an equal KeSPA terran to KeSPA protoss ratio with four a piece.

OSL Ro16 contender list

Non-KeSPA players
Korea Oz
Korea San
Korea Parting
Korea MC
Korea Mvp
Korea MarineKing
Korea DongRaeGu
Korea NesTea
KeSPA players
Korea Flying
Korea Rain
Korea BeSt
Korea Jangbi
Korea Flash
Korea Fantasy
Korea Baby
Korea Last

From the looks of it, none of the parties will have a particularly easy time against the other. On one side there sit the eight best players to have ever played in Code S, five of them being multiple times grand finalists. Against them stand one bonjwa and golden mouse winner in Flash, the back-to-back OSL champion Jangbi, the three times in a row OSL finalist Fantasy and five of the most promising players in transition that KeSPA has to offer.

There is still no date set for the Ro16 matches.