KeSPA and eSports Fed. on trade lock until Oct 2013

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 08 August 2012 10:05
The two major Korean eSports associations agreed to not trade their top tier players for the coming 14 months. This is to ensure competitiveness among newer StarCraft 2 teams as well as the progress of Brood War professionals.

The Korean eSports Association (KeSPA) and the eSports Federation, which was formed in March by the premier StarCraft 2 teams Startale, IM, Prime, MVP, oGs, NSHoseo, FXO, TSL and ZeNEX, have agreed upon a trade lock between their respective teams. Each of the teams periodically hands in a list of 25 players that are not availabe to transfer between the two associations. Amateur KeSPA players will still be able to be signed to A-teams, as well as GSL players that aren't in the list of 25 safe players of their teams.

Director Oh of KeSPA says:
"For the sake of long-term development of eSports, revitalizing StarCraft 2 leagues is important. [...]We want to show the growth of the industry by respecting each other's league and having a fair competition."

eSports Federation's president Won adds:
"I wish that the eSports scene will grow even more from continuing cooperation between KeSPa and Federation. Such cooperations are much needed for the ever-growing eSports mecca."

The changes mean that KeSPA pros will be given enough time to prove themselves during their transition to StarCraft 2, while the newer eSports Federation teams are safe from having their top players be signed by the financially stronger KeSPA teams.

At the same time, KeSPA announced that GSL Code A and Code S players can acquire KeSPA pro licenses once they have finished the professionalism seminars.

Source: FOMOS, ESFI World