Dramatic ZvT wraps up WCS Korea day two

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 07 August 2012 15:13
Photo by: TeamLiquid

Featuring the matches of two GSL champions, the second day of WCS Korea Ro32 delivered a serious dose of escalating excitement that culminated at the 70-minute long ZvT between Soulkey and Gumiho.

The day began with two GSL stars: the winner of many Code S titles MVP and GSL Super Tournament champion Polt. The two engaged in Banshee wars in the opening game on Entombed Valley and fired at each other's workers for a while until Polt hit a juicy +1/stim/siege tank timing that caught Mvp before his own siege was done and marked the end of the first set. IM's ace sprung back on Ohana after keeping ahead in the marine/tank mirror in both upgrades and bases but he could not bring this momentum to a victory. On Cloud Kingdom, MVP's mech was swiftly put under contain and after he could not efficiently break the wall of marines and marauders, IM's terran took the elevator down to the loser's bracket.

After the proper and long TvT, WCS Korea welcomed the blitzkrieg PvT between Tails and Happy rich on proxy rax, disastrous immortal timings and even more disastrous SCV all-ins, the latter awarding the protoss player a 2-1 victory over Happy.

Reigning Code S champion Seed easily advanced to the Ro16 of the Winners Bracket after a 2-0 against Coca. Seed broke the zerg in game one with a +2 timing attack and pulled off the perfect archon vortex in the second to solidify his status quo as a highest tier protoss.

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In the final "you-should-pay-$10-just-for-this" series, Woongjin's Soulkey met Gumiho of FXO, the zerg being given the chance to avenge his KeSPA brothers who were absolutely outclassed in day one. Despite being acknowledged as one of the best KeSPA players in transition, however, Soulkey was entering this series the underdong, with Gumiho fresh out of his GSTL all-kill of SlayerS not two weeks ago.

In an impossible to recap in a few words game one on Ohana, Soulkey and Gumiho orchestrated a jaw-dropping ZvT concerto that spanned more than 40 minutes. Nukes and drops eventually put Soulkey into a state of no mining but despite having no hatcheries whatsoever, the KeSPA zerg stayed alive for more than ten minutes straight and almost pressured Gumiho into a loss with his perfect brood lord/ultra/infestor/corruptor army mix. A money EMP landed to become Gumiho's savior, emptying the energy of every infestor, allowing for the vikings to clear the zerg threat.

Game two was just as epic as Gumiho's multi-pronged nuking eventually left Soulkey with less that 10 workers - a scenario the terran effortlessly brought to a 2-0 victory.

WCS Korea Ro32 Day 2 results
Korea Polt2-1Korea Mvp
Korea Tails2-1Korea Happy
Korea Seed2-0Korea Coca
Korea Gumiho2-0Korea Soulkey

Today's results mean that the LB Round 1 will welcome two mirror matches in Coca vs Soulkey and MVP vs Happy. Tomorrow, WCS Korea resumes with another four glamorous face-offs, featuring Effort, DongRaeGu, Hero[join], Liquid`Hero and Reaility in the heaviest on GSL vs KeSPA matches playday!

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