MajOr joins ROOTgaming

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 07 August 2012 13:33
One of the very few good Mexican players goes back to his StarCraft 2 beginnings and teams up with ROOT. He was teamless since February after having parted ways with CheckSix.


MajOr, Windy, Princess, Terran, Kitty or just Juan Carlos Tena Lopez, this man is known by many names. He now sides with ROOT, home to players like Destiny, CatZ, Drewbie, and Rotterdam. The 19 year-old is known to be a bit of an Enfant Terrible, especially during his stay with SixJax.

His latest tournament success was the Mexican WCS National, where he managed to take first place without dropping a single map. He had the following to say:

i am very happy to be back yes, im not gonna lie my dream was to be in a korean team (KeSPA) but it didnt work out the way i wanted and if i had to pick a foreigern team i would pick ROOT over every other team cause i have alot of friends in there and its a team that shares my goals and ambitions. [sic]

The current ROOT line-up:
Mexico Juan Carlos 'MajOr' Tena Lopez
Peru Paulo 'CatZ' Vizcarra
Canada Josue 'Fayth' Sauvageau
Canada Jonathan 'KiWiKaKi' Gerneau
Canada Payam 'TT1' Toghyan
Canada Andrew 'Drewbie' Moysey
Canada Maru 'MaSa' Kim
Canada Paul-David 'SLusH' Pagé
United States Steven 'Destiny' Bonnell
United States Danny 'ViBe' Scherlong
United States Connor 'Fitzyhere' Fitzpatric
United States Brandon 'puCK' Qual
Netherlands Kevin 'RotterdaM' van der Kooi

Source: ROOTgaming