BarCraft Connect

Posted by Eyal "KOKOStern" Stern at 06 August 2012 22:13

Yesterday saw the launch of the first major European Barcraft Network. BCON aspires to grow the community by bringing organizers and hosts together and create a strong network of eSports enthusiasts.

Barcraft Connect was formed by several Barcraft organizers brought together by the passion for the game. With 10 European members at launch and growing all the time it seems like they mean businesses and are here to stay. Any Barcraft organizer can join in and share the wealth of experience and knowledge of previous members. This is the first major Barcraft network to come out of Europe and with such a strong launch we can only look ahead for a bright future for eSports.

David "Seekfried" Krause, one of the founders of BCON, had this to say:

With our brand-new network of european BarCrafts, we hope to lift BarCrafts to a whole 'nother dimension.

First of all we're all about communication: we provide our members with a platform where they can exchange experience and learn from one another to continuously develop their BarCrafts. We also share our information on scheduling of tournaments we show. Every BarCraft organizer knows the trouble of very late schedule-announcements, so we want to try and channel communication to tournament organizers in the hope that we'll be recognized as a trustworthy partner.

Another great part of what we do with BCON is getting the local BarCraft communities to interact. We will have community tournaments, parallel-BarCrafts with showmatches and live-streamed interaction. We strongly believe in the magic of BarCrafts. So some of our members are experimenting with including other games like League of Legends and DOTA into their events. All-in-all there is a ton of great ideas floating around and we're super excited to start putting some of them into action. At BCON we're really happy to push eSports forward.

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