Videos from WCS Nordic finals available

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 06 August 2012 13:53

About nine whole hours of StarCraft 2 from the WCS Nordic finals have arrived at Check out the four grand finals in case you've missed them out!

On July 28th, the last four national tournaments for WCS Europe were completed and BabyKnight, Naama, Noticimus and Thorzain became the champions of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, respectively. Now, events' host DreamHack has released VODs from the final matches of each tournaments for StarCraft 2 fans to enjoy. Set two afternoons aside and dive into the final hours of WCS Nordic, cast by Apollo and Grubby and hosted by InControl!

television.png Denmark Grand Final: Denmark BabyKnight vs Denmark Blackcidy

television.png Finland Grand Final: Finland Naama vs Finland Elfi

television.png Norway Grand Final: Norway Noticimus vs Norway Seriously

television.png Sweden Grand Final: Sweden Thorzain vs Sweden SortOf

More WCS Nordic videos - including players like Sase and Seiplo - as well as VODs from a plethora of other tournaments can be found in our VOD SECTION.