Team LighT pick up ex-KeSPA protoss StarDust

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 06 August 2012 00:43
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Formerly of Air Force Ace, Seok Hee "StarDust" Son will join the foreign team of manager Xeris, aiming to give a fresh new start to his SC2 career as he's now finished his military service.

With the departure of Golden on July 22nd, LighT were left without their star player that has represented them in Code A, two MLGs, IPL 4 and brought them a top four finish at Homestory Cup. The acquisition of StarDust will aim to fill this void, although LighT will still be operating without a zerg player for the time being.

- "Hi, I am Son Suk Hee aka M18M StarDust from KESPA Air Force ACE (ex Samsung Khan). First of all, I am much obliged to LighT eSports for prompt recruitment. Even if I don’t have good career yet. After military service, I am consider a wide range of possiblilities for my life. And then I think "Let's back to the basics and start work with a renewed mind" so I decided go to oversea for new challenge. At that time, I set in touch with LighT eSports and talk with owner several times. As a result, I think that LighT eSports really awesome. I can decide join this team. I don’t have any career on SC2 now but since now I will become more and more better. Slowly but Surely. Again Thank LighT eSports for confidence and decision."

LighT roster
Korea StarDust
United States Binski
United States Caliber
Canada IefNaij
United States KawaiiRice
New Zealand Knight
United States Rocker

Source: LightEsports