Replays of the Week: July 29 - August 5

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 05 August 2012 13:31

Base trades! Seeker Missiles! Mass Recalls! Lingerie model mud wrestling! We have three of these things in this week's Replay of the Week, so take a look at all the mud-wrestling-unrelated replays we picked out for you.

1. TaeJa vs Bomber

There is absolutely no way for this replay to not be in this list. Liquid was facing Startale and was startled (yeah, I just did that) when they found themselves 1-4 behind. They put TaeJa out on the field as a last resort and couldn't have made a better choice. He ate each of his opponents alive like ice cream. Well, ice cream isn't alive. But you get my drift. What I'm trying to say is the following: a tournament couldn't ask for a better final match.

TaeJa vs Bomber: Replay

2. Naama vs Suppy

Naama is known for playing weird. And weird it was, his four Starport Banshee opening. It was effective nonetheless as Suppy fell too behind to avert the consequential attack by the Finnish Terran. Fresh from the ASUS ROG Assembly, we present you this little display of Naama's interpretation of the game.

Naama vs Suppy: Replay

3. Kas vs Ourk

In this replay, Kas pulls ahead early into the game until Ourk pulls back time and time again with small attacks here and there. That alone would make for an interesting game, but Kas made use of one of the more under-utilized spells of StarCraft 2: the Seeker Missile. They are usually seen scarcely, but here they play out as a drum roll to Kas' victory.

Kas vs Ourk: Replay

4. OneOfMany vs Zelniq

Unless you're a Bronze League player, you don't often see someone wall themself in behind a barrage of cannons, build a bunch of Stargates and squirt out Void Rays. And it's not often that you want to. But OneOfMany's combos of killing a base, then pulling back via Mass Recall almost makes it look graceful. As graceful as a-clicking can be.

OneOfMany vs Zelniq: Replay

5. fraer vs VortiX

The mother of all base races. When VortiX dropped his army into fraer's base, the Protoss had no choice but to walk into his opponents base as well. Eventually we get to the point where a single, small Zergling run-by could have almost decided the game. In minute 18 of the game. Into his own starting base. Who'd have thought.

fraer vs VortiX: Replay

I'm deeply sorry for the lack of mud-wrestling ladies in this episode of RotW. I am, however happy to tell you that there is more base-trading, seeker missiling, and mass recalling going on in our Replay Section! But if you're more into the mud-wrestling part, I fully understand.

Your friend plays Master or higher and had this superinteresting game against that Grandmaster guy that totally beat all the Korean pros that one time? Or you found a replay of that Korean pro that got beat by this complete underdog? Send it to us, because, let's be honest here, you don't have anything better to do anyway.

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