Finalists are ready at Assembly

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 04 August 2012 16:20

MC plans to expand his lead on mvp in prize money earnings as he faces TaeJa in the grand finals. Third place will decided between Moon and ForGG.


MC vs Moon:
MC looked really solid in this one. did not. But more on that later. The SK player takes this one with a 3-0 victory. In the process he caught Moon by surprise by cannon rushing his third, forcing the Zerg to take his early third in the middle of the map, which was easy for the BossToss to punish further down the road. Moon, on the other hand looked really well when he planned to drop all his roaches into MC’s main base, but didn’t take his skills to avert crises like this into account. From then on, the Protoss was ahead, until technical issues seemed to want to add more dramatic qualities to the game. The connection dropped when MC was in a clear lead, but returned only in time to avoid an admin’s decision on the result. Towards the end of the game, even a Neural Parasite on the mothership and a subsequent Vortex on the Protoss army couldn’t help against MC’s superior army.


TaeJa vs ForGG:
Once again, it’s TaeJa. On Entombed Valley, he managed to destroy ForGG’s natural with only his first attack, putting him behind early into the game. His brilliance struck when dropped his own tanks into the sieged up tank line of his opponent to take the win. He went up 2-0 with simple proxy Marauders, in this scenario an instant win. Luck was not on TaeJa’s side on Daybreak as he dropped straight into ForGG’s blue flamed Hellions and had his Marines melted immediately. The counter-attack ended the game soon after. The series ended with a rare display of SkyTerran play by TaeJa against which Hellions have little to respond to, even though they just annihilated the opponent’s entire mineral line.

Grand Final

South Korea MC
Korea TaeJa
3rd Place

South Korea Moon vsSouth Korea ForGG