Day 2 roundup of Assembly

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 04 August 2012 10:52

As Koreans maintain their strong performance, all of EG managed to get eliminated. Swedish hopeful SortOf carries on with his march to the top while the round of eight is heavy on mirror matches.

Group A:
As many would have expected, it's MC and HerO to proceed through the second group stage. HerO's path, however, has proven itself much more difficult when he faced Suppy in an epic and tiring 3-2 ending victory. Suppy really put the Korean Protoss to the test until a single blunder cost him the game.

Group B:
DeMusliM lost both games 3-1, while NightEnD had to play MaNa twice. He came closer to a win the second match but eventually fell short of luck anyway. We see TaeJa staying undefeated with only a minor hiccup against MaNa. Now it's up to him to keep proving why many regard as one of the top three Terrans out there at the moment.

Group C:
Prior to his starting Match against IdrA, Moon said that all the top two will be Korean. And right he was. IdrA quickly gathered himself a 0-6 record and his teammate PuMa followed him shortly after, still putting up a decent fight against ForGG though.

Group D:
TitaN was strong in this one, first destroying SortOf 3-0 and the narrowly losing to TheStC. That must have made him hopeful to face SortOf again, after the Swede beat Kas to stay in the tournament. This time around, the Zerg forces of SortOf did their job a lot better to lead the player to a 3-2 victory.

Evil Geniuses are out, Koreans are at the top and since DreamHack we know that MaNa has it in him to fare very well late into tournaments. One name amongst the remainders stick out, though. SortOf, who first came to the broad public's eye with his impressive track record at the WCS Sweden qualifiers, has earned himself well over $7000 in prize money in the past two months alone and now proves he can back it up time again.

Another thing to note is that three of the four round of eight matches are comprised of mirror matches. While it may at first seem boring and dull, it does mean that all the proceeding players are very likely to face each of the other two races in the following matches. Long story short, from here on out, every player of every race has to show his expertise in every match-up.

Round of 8

South Korea MC
Poland MaNa
South Korea Moon vsSweden SortOf
South Korea TaeJa vsSouth Korea HerO
South Korea TheStC vsSouth Korea ForGG