Group 5-8 of Assembly done with, Groups for Day 2

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 03 August 2012 09:00

After day one ended we see the second half of the first group stage meeting our expectations in two groups, and taking us by surprise in the other two. EG's youngster Suppy especially put on a very impressive performance.

Group 5:
MC's path to the second groupstage was paved with two PvPs, which he won comfortably. Both BabyKnight and TitaN had no chance against the BossToss, each losing 3-1. The Russian Protoss TitaN, in turn, showed he can handle Zerg when he beat LiveZerg to move on to live another day.

Group 6:
JohnnyRecco was ever so close to victory in the 2-3 against ForGG aka Fin. Unfortunately his spirits dropped after that and losing 3-0 to MaNa meant he was out of the tournament. ForGG later beat Satiini while MaNa pulled back after an initial loss, winning his next two games and going for second place.

Group 7:
Although he didn't face a Korean in this particular group, seeing Suppy advance after taking out both Ret and Kas losing only a single map was something to behold. If he keeps playing like that, NA might have a new player to look up to. Kas went on to take out MeteoRain and Ret and moves on.

Group 8:
Another slight upset happened in Group 8 when NightEnD went 2-0 in matches against SaSe and PuMa to take a solid first. PuMa pulled back and narrowly beat SaSe after the Swede had won the losers' match against Brat_OK.

Now that the groups for day two are set, we see that four out of five Evil Geniuses found their way through the first group stage. DeMusliM, IdrA, Suppy and PuMa make Assembly one of the most successful tournaments for their team in a long time. How long that impression is to last, however, is highly questionable as all of them are pitted against ridiculously strong players. Suppy faces the Protoss-gods MC and HerO in Group A, while DeMusliM is seeded with TaeJa, who appears unstoppable lately, and NightEnD, who played miraculously well so far, not to mention MaNa, a player capable of beating the top players. IdrA is certainly the worst off, having to play three Koreans, including his teammate PuMa. Admittedly, each of these had their problems making it through the first groups, yet each are garnered with the capability to dominate a game. Group D bears no EG player and is subsequently one of the weaker groups. The general level of play does not mean that it's not going to be a close one, though. Each of these players have the potential to beat the others, with TheStC having a slight edge.

Group A
Group B
South Korea MC
South Korea Taeja
South Korea HerO United Kingdom DeMusliM
United States Suppy Poland MaNa
Finland Naama Romania NightEnD
Group C
Group D
South Korea ForGG South Korea TheStC
South Korea PuMa Sweden SortOf
South Korea Moon Russia TitaN
United States IdrA Ukraine Kas