Quantic sign Golden

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 02 August 2012 20:35
The former SlayerS and LighT Zerg now sides with Quantic. Shortly after the departure of Naniwa, the US team has now found his replacement in the form of Golden.

Roughly two weeks after he left LighT, the Korean found a new home in Quantic and thus can continue to visit international tournaments. 18 year-old Cho 'Golden' Myung Hwan, who has just returned to South Korea, spent the last couple of months taking part in all sorts of North American events and was eager to find another foreign team to join. His results at IPL 4 and MLG Summer Arena, while not top notch, definitely showed his potential. He now plans to qualify for Code A's next season and hopes to make an impact there. Returning to America and live in the Quantic house, however, is part of his plans for the near future. He had the following to say:

When my contract with LighT was ending, I spoke to some members of Quantic. They spoke very highly of the team and that made me want to see if me joining was a possibility.[...]After talking to Quantic, they invited me to come to their training facility after MLG Summer Arena. While I was there, I learned how kind they are and that they have good practice partners. That made me decide I wanted to join the team