viOLet now sponsored by Azubu

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 02 August 2012 11:24

viOLet’s endeavour of personal sponsorship has taken him one step further as he signed with Azubu. He will now carry the name of the company that is known for backing the premier Korean LoL-league OGN among others.

When viOLet makes an appearance at the IEM later this month he is going to sport a new jersey. It will bear the logo of Azubu, a social networking site specifically for gamers, as they agreed to sponsor him at the upcoming events. The Korean Zerg player, that is currently staying in Texas with his manager and co-founder of Cyber Sports Network, Andrew Tomlinson, has left Empire in early July and from then on pursued the route of personal sponsorship.

He had the following to say:
Azubu is for me very important meaning. Its new for me, new for Azubu, new for in my life, this makes me stronger I have responsibility with my new sponsor Azubu. Im so happy and exciting in to the future, now im ready to go tournament, it is my turn. I want thank everyone that follows me, you are more than fans you are my friends that come along with me on journey. [sic]

Source: TL thread