IEM Cologne: The groups are taking shape

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 01 August 2012 22:20

The 16 players coming from the American, European and Asian qualifiers have been allocated to their respective groups. The tournament itself, the first for Season VII, begins in two weeks time.

Seven player came through the European qualifiers, four via the American, two from China/SEA and two from Korea. To fill the quota of 16, host's country national championship - in this case Mouz's HasuObs - has been invited.

Each of the below listed groups will welcome two more players, one high seed and one low seed from the IEM Open Tournament that will be played on the first day of the event, August 15th.

Group A
Sweden SortOf
Poland Nerchio
Korea Inori
United Kingdom DeMuslim

Group C
Russia Slivko
Finland Elfi
Australia Moonglade
United States Minigun
Group B
Belgium Feast
Ukraine Kas
Australia PiG
Korea Violet

Group D
Germany HasuObs
Spain Vortix
Korea MMA
Chile Killer

With thirteen different countries already represented at IEM Cologne, the seventh season is heading for a motley opening. None too shabby either is the prize pool of $31,800 with the winner taking home $6,500 of those.

Source: ESL World