Patch 1.5 gives the menu a whole new look

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 01 August 2012 19:29

With the Queen changes of the last balance patch still under heavy inspection, Blizzard released a new patch that completely revamps the menu to add the new Arcade. Other updates involve minor mechanics, Bug fixes, and, most notably, the Editor.

The implementation of the Arcade required Blizzard to completely restructure the face of the UI of the main menu. It allows for custom maps to be displayed and played more easily. While these changes may potentially be subject to criticism, other additions that influence the gameplay more directly have also taken place. The way the fog of war influences units on the edge of it is one among a handful of other, subtle changes.

One of the more favorable notes is the addition of slash-commands known from other titles, such as /profile and /afk and ladder point loss for a player leaving during map countdown.

For the full patch notes, check here: