IM vs Liquid at IPL TAC 3 grand finals

Posted by Eyal "KOKOStern" Stern at 01 August 2012 17:50

The IPL Team Arena Challenge 3 started off with 24 of the top teams in the world but now only two remain. Liquid will face off against IM in the grand finals on the 11th of August in California.

The IPL Team Arena Challenge has been going on for almost three whole months and we're finally closing down on a winner. After four grueling qualifier rounds, the main event is almost at it's end.

The IPL TAC 3 was an incredible journey for IM. With convincing victories across the board, IM only dropped a few matches across the entire main event. YongHwa in round two of the winners brackets managed an amazing feat and took out the entire roster of dtG. Later in round three Seed held his ground for three whole matches against MvP only to lose to DongRaeGu. Happy picked up where Seed left off and finished both DRG and Sniper to take the series 5-1.

At the end IM faced off against SlayerS for the Winners Bracket Finals where LosirA took his seat. An incredible five matches later, Puzzle of SlayerS finally managed to take down the overwhelming IM Zerg only to immediately lose to MC. Note that the SK-IM partnership is still in affect for IPL TAC.

Team Liquid had a wonderful start at the main event with Zenio overcoming the entire roster of Dignitas in round one. Later in round three, things were looking bad as AnNyeong of Prime took out three of Liquid's players. Everything changed when TaeJa picked up the tab and demolished the entire Prime roster to finish off the series 5-3.

In round four, Liquid was finally taken out by SlayerS, only to meet them again in the Losers finals. Zenio once again opened the match and managed to last just two rounds, taking out Miya but losing to Genius. Genius kept his win streak for two more games until once again TaeJa came up to face him. Winning that round and holding on for three additional ones, TaeJa carried his team to victory and ensured their place in the finals.

Both teams will be flown out to the Nob Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco, California on August 11th to compete for the IGN Proleague Team Arena Challenge in it's third iteration followed by a BO9 show-match. The format, as always, is an all-kill best of nine, meaning a player sits down until he is defeated, and only then does the team decide who will replace him.

Will Liquid be able to come back from the lower bracket, as they need to take two whole series from IM to claim the title? With $9,000 for first place out of the $20,000 prize pool on the line, both team are out for blood.