WCS Nordic Nationals finalize EU Continentals line-up

Posted by Eyal "KOKOStern" Stern at 30 July 2012 13:26

All four of the nordic nationals were played out on the same day and the results are in. The top players from each national tournament get a paid trip and a seed for the European Championship scheduled in September.

Denmark Denmark Nationals

16 brave players started the Denmark nationals and as the smoke cleared only BabyKnight remained standing. The Protoss player and a member of FXOpen earned his $2,000 in prize money and a paid trip to the European continentals. Blackcidy of myRevenge took home second place and $1,250 while Dreambunny of BLAST got the bronze with $600 in winnings.

Finland Finland Nationals

For Finland, the national grand finals were played between the two exceptional contenders Naama of Fnatic and elfi of ASUS ROG. Coming from the losers bracket, Elfi managed to beat Naama 2-0 in the first set, pushing the series to a second BO3. Though elfi put up a great fight, Naama kept his cool and managed to defeat him 2-1 and take the title, winning his paid trip and $2,000. Welmu of Eclypsia took third place and Protosser of mousesports finished 4th with $600 and $350 respectively.

Norway Norway Nationals

The grand finals of Norway were filled with team mates from GamersLeague and Noticimus and Seriously fought in the finals. Noticimus came around from the losers bracket to take two full series 2-0 from Seriously and claim his paid trip and $2,000. TargA from Mindfreak eSports and Snute, also of Gamersleague, got third and fourth claiming $600 and $350 respectively.

Sweden Sweden Nationals

As one of the largest StarCraft 2 countries, Sweden got paid trips to all three of its finalists. One of tournament's highlights was definitely SortOf's crusade through the losers bracket, where he eliminated Bischu along with tournament favorites Naniwa and Sase. In an extended grand final series, SortOf managed to take one series off of ThorZaIN but to no avail as the Terran player won the second series and claimed the first place title and $6,000, leaving SortOf second place with $3,000. Seiplo is the last to get his paid trip and 1,300$. Fourth finished Naniwa, pocketing $900.

The European Continentals will be played on the 15-16 of September at the Stockholm Globe Arena - the national indoor arena of Sweden. The tournament will feature seeds from all the different National Finals tournaments and one Combined European Continental Final.

WCS European Continentals Participants

Italy Jeal
Italy StarEagle
Poland MaNa
Poland Nerchio
Netherlands Grubby
Netherlands Ret
Germany HasuObs
Germany Socke
Germany KrasS
Germany DarKFoRcE
Romania NightEnD
Ukraine White-Ra
Ukraine Bly
Russia TitaN
Russia Happy
Russia sLivko

Sweden Seiplo
Sweden SortOf
Sweden ThorZaIN
Norway Nocticimus
Denmark BabyKnight
Finland Naama
Spain LucifroN
Spain VortiX
United Kingdom Ziktomini
United Kingdom DeMusliM
United Kingdom JonnyREcco
France Dayshi
France Stephano
France Eeel
Belgium Orly
Belarus LoWeLy