Who Slays the SlayerS? - FXO Win GSTL 2012 Season 2

Posted by Andrei "procyonlotor" Filote at 28 July 2012 15:34

Yesterday's Code S finals may have disappointed some, but today's GSTL showdown between SlayerS and FXO surpassed all expectation. In a spectacular five game series Gumiho singlehandedly defeated SlayerS to deliver a clean 5-0 victory. All Kill.

This is how all finals should end. No games were free wins, no cheese was involved. Every match was a struggle for the prize, and Gumiho never failed to grasp it.

GSTL Finals
Korea Gumiho>Korea MMA@ Antiga Shipyard
Korea Gumiho>Korea Min@ Atlantis Spaceship
Korea Gumiho>Korea Coca@ Metropolis
Korea Gumiho>Korea Ryung@ Whirlwind
Korea Gumiho>Korea Puzzle@ Ohana

Game one was a slugfest which saw both players nearly exhaust all their resources as they battled across the map, MMA's mobile army attempting to outmaneuver Gumiho's mech force. Game two showed us an incredible comeback, with Min nearly managing to overcome the Towel Terran. Game Three went into unexplored territory as a three-base five command center Gumiho kept pulling SCVs to beat CoCa into submission. Little did he know, CoCa was surviving due to a hidden second base. Game four was a pretty standard TvT, with with some brilliant play stopping Ryung in his tracks. Devastating EMPs dug the grave for Puzzle's army in game five, sealing the deal.