Manic Weekend with GosuLeague and Sapphire Technology

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 28 July 2012 01:09


Our GosuLeague partner Sapphire Technology is hosting a Manic Weekend starting today, July 28 of which you are invited to a raffle with the chance of winning a Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor-X as well as 30 Dota 2 beta keys!

The last playday of the GosuLeague will make way this weekend. While contestants like Darer, mTw and GamersLeague battle for winning the top spots in the first division, our GosuLeague partner Sapphire Technology is giving you the chance of winning the Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor-X graphics card and 30 Dota 2 beta keys. By liking the Sapphire Technology Club on Facebook and answering one question about GosuLeague in the Facebook app you will enter the raffle to become one of the 31 winners.

The contest period starts at 00:01 CET on July 28 and ends on 23:59 CET on July 29.

So while you enjoy our coverage on our streams for the Division 1 and 2 conclusions, make sure to head over to Sapphire Technology Club on Facebook and answer the question to join in on the contest.

Manic Weekend GosuLeague matches
Division 1
United States BFB vs. Denmark Wolves July 28, 20:00
Germany Mouz vs. Kazakstan July 29, 18:00
United States BFB vs. Kazakstan July 29, 20:00
Ukraine Darer vs. Europe mTw July 29, 21:30
Division 2A
Czech Republic iN vs. Germany DPP July 29, 18:00
Jordan ZHOME vs. Russia zNation July 29, 18:00
France Baguette vs. Sweden Infused July 29, 20:00
Ukraine Na`Vi vs. Sweden evo^ July 29, 22:00
Divison 2B
Europe Super vs. Sweden Kaipi July 28, 20:00
Belarus PowerRangers vs. Russia mnsG July 29, 16:00
Germany uebelst vs. Portugal 404 July 29, 20:00