Seed snatches the Code S trophy over MC

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 27 July 2012 17:11
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In the first ever Code S PvP final, the protoss veteran Min Chul "MC" Jang fell to IM's Sang Woon "Seed" Ahn with the shocking 1-4. Aside from the personal prize check of $42,600, Seed also earns the first protoss Code S trophy for his team Incredible Miracle.

Opening with two consecutive warp prism 4-gate all-ins, Seed caught MC unprepared both times, winning for himself a very pleasant and surprising lead over the GSL veteran. A one-base blink with sentry support against MC's quick expo on Whirlwind put IM's player at 3-0 and Min Chul just one game from elimination.

MC managed to return one set with a cheesy 10-gate on Entombed Valley and not until the fifth game on Cloud Kingdom that we saw a proper macro-oriented PvP. Both players opted for colossus armies and although MC had the larger one towards the end of the game, his defensive position at his third base proved to be far from optimal as a small zealot squad drew a portion of his army away for just a second. Utilizing that small timing window, Seed climbed up the ramp in what would otherwise be a suicidal move, blazed down the colossus of MC one by one and became the second protoss player to ever win a Code S championship.

GSL Code S Season 3 Standings
1. Korea Seed, $42,630
2. Korea MC, $17,050
3-4. Korea DongRaeGu, $4,260
3-4. Korea Byun, $4,260
5-8. Korea Symbol, $2,550
5-8. Korea NesTea, $2,550
5-8. Sweden Naniwa, $2,550
5-8. Korea Taeja, $2,550