OSL KeSPA dual tournament groups announced

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 25 July 2012 17:06

Flash, Baby, Soulkey, ZerO and eight others will be competing for the last six spots in the OSL Ro16. The battle called KeSPA dual tournament begins July 31st.

Top two of each group will advance to the next round, joining the motley GSL/KeSPa company of players like Jangbi, Fantasy, DongRaeGu, MarineKing, Mvp, MC, NesTea and more. Group A is to be played at the end of this month with groups B and C following one week later, on August 7th. Both playdays are scheduled to begin at 12:30 CET.

OSL KeSPA dual tournament
Group AGroup BGroup C
Korea SoulkeyKorea ZerOKorea Flash
Korea SunKorea ClassicKorea Ryul2
Korea BogusKorea BestKorea Last
Korea FlyingKorea BabyKorea BiSang

If OSL administration keeps the format from the last tournament, the final sixteen players will go into one final dual tournament group stage phase before entering the Ro8 elimination bracket. Whatever direction the OSL goes from the Ro16 on, however, the StarCraft 2 scene will be in for a memorable tournament, considering the player pool.

2012 OSL Season 1 player pool 10/16

(2) Directly seeded into Ro16 due to past OSL records
Korea Fantasy
Korea Jangbi

(8) Qualified via non-KeSPA dual tournament
Korea Oz
Korea Mvp
Korea DongRaeGu
Korea San
Korea Parting
Korea MC
Korea MarineKing
Korea NesTea