Upsets in the OSL KeSPA preliminaries

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 20 July 2012 11:45
On July 19th, every Brood War legend that attended the OSL KeSPA preliminaries faced elimination and the Starleague will proceed without the likes of Jaedong, Bisu, Stork, Effort, Kal and Leta.

Only ten players survived the preliminaries and will proceed to the dual tournament at the end of the month, joining 2012 Tving OSL semi-finalists Flash and ZerO. Those are:

Korea Rain
Korea Bisang
Korea Best
Korea Flying
Korea Baby
Korea Bogus
Korea Last
Korea Classic
Korea Ryul2
Korea Soulkey

The list above meant that none of the player who were expected to make the final rounds of the OSL will be playing further. Jaedong, Bisu and Stork lost respectively to StarDust, BiSang and Firebathero, meaning that Flash will be the only one from the TBLS to play in this season's Starleague. Effort, who's currently the player with one of the best stats in StarCraft 2, ended up losing to Hitman. Eliminated were also Effort's team-mate and Proleague crusher hero[join], Brood War veterans such as Kal and Iris as well as CJ's captain Leta.

The next OSL event is on July 23rd, when we'll see the remaining groups of the non-KeSPA dual tournament played out, featuring MC, Coca, Parting, Seal, NesTea, Vampire, MKP and YuGiOh.