Nordic's best gather in Stockholm, iNcontroL, Grubby and Apollo to cast

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 18 July 2012 22:00

Thorzain, Naniwa, Sase, Morrow, Snute, Elfi - those are just some of the names that will head over to Sweden's capital July 28th for the WCS Nordic Finals. 28 players from four countries will be competing for a total of six seeds into the Europe continentals and the title of national champion of their country.

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As one of the largest StarCraft 2 populations, Sweden will have sixteen players in Annexet Glove in Stockholm. They will fight through a double elimination bracket to divide $15,000 and win three seeds into the European continental finals.

Norway, Finland and Denmark will each have four players on spot, playing the final four matches of the tournament. The prize pool for each is $5,000 and the national champion will be the only one that will earn a spot in the EU continentals.

As is the natural course of events when players from four nations come together at one place, the player pool for the Nordic finals is heavily stacked, featuring many of best players west of Korea.

WCS Nordic Finals players list

Sweden Nationals
Sweden Thorzain
Sweden ViPro
Sweden Lalush
Sweden Sjow
Sweden Forsen
Sweden Naugrim
Sweden Cytoplasm
Sweden SortOf
Sweden Bischu
Sweden Naniwa
Sweden Morrow
Sweden Sase
Sweden Era
Sweden Znow
Sweden Starnan
Sweden Seiplo
Finland Nationals
Finland Naama
Finland Welmu
Finland Elfi
Finland Protosser

Denmark Nationals
Denmark DreamBunny
Denmark CupCake
Denmark BabyKnight
Denmark Blackcidy

Norway Nationals
Norway Snute
Norway Targa
Norway Seriously
Norway Nocticimus

A plethora of casters will be going to Stockholm along the players. The official English stream will be in the hands of EG's iNcontroL, Apollo and Grubby. They'll be joined by eleven more casters who will be in charge of all the additional streams.


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