The final European GGA Cup is upon us

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 18 July 2012 17:49

Get ready for the last Global Gaming Alliance tournament on the EU server. GGA Cup #7 is calling for the brightest players on the scene, giving them the chance to win a grand final seed before the tournament takes off for SEA.

The previous GGA Cup saw the Korean force thinning out under the pressure from the European players. Players like Tefel, Ourk, Forsen and ViPro all made it to the top eight, along with the only Korean left in the tournament - TSL's Revival.

The grand final saw a vicious ZvZ battle between the Korean and Blast's Tefel and with Revival already having won one GGA Cup tournament, just making it to the final match meant a guaranteed seed for Tefel for the closing GGA event later this year.

Now, the Korean GGA champions are taking the bench, giving the foreign sign-ups an even higher chance of earning a grand final seed.

GGA Cup Grand Final Invites

Sweden EG.Thorzain
Poland mouz.Mana
Ukraine mTw.Dimaga
Korea coL.Ganzi
Korea coL.Heart
United States ROOT.Vibe
United States GoSu.Stx
Finland Fnatic.Naama
Sweden Dignitas.Sjow
Korea Dignitas.Select
Ukraine Tt.WhiteRa
Korea Sleep
United States xSix.Mystik
Korea Fnatic.Alive
Korea Fnatic.ByuL

Qualified players
Korea TSL_Revival (GGA Cup #1)
Korea TSL_Inori (GGA Cup #2)
Korea TSL_Hyun (GGA Cup #3)
Bulgaria QnkGiantt (GGA Cup #4)
Korea ESCDaisy (GGA Cup #5)
Poland Blast.Tefel (GGA Cup #6)

GGA Cup #7: Tune in!
July 19th, 19:00 CET!

Thus far, the European GGA Cups have been the only ones to proclaim a non-Korean victor. Tournament organizers are summoning everybody so that a third foreign finalist gets the chance to qualify for the final event in December!

GGA Cup thus far

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