Oz, Mvp, DRG and San qualify for OSL Ro16

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 17 July 2012 11:42

Played out yesterday were the first two groups of the OSL non-KeSPA dual tournament. The last two GSL champions advanced to the next round together with the protoss duet San and Oz.

The zerg faced elimination in the quick Group A as Sniper and Min could not overcome Oz and Mvp. Fnatic's protoss took first in the group by defeating IM's ace on Ohana after Mvp under-reacted to Oz's two-base zealot/sentry/archon push and saw his outer defenses breached for the GG.

Group B was much longer and tense, with almost every game going into the late-game macro stages. Both DongRaeGu's matches and Symbol versus Byun are a must watch for the high-tier armies galore, the latter definitely being the match of the day. It saw a starved out by Byun's constant high-mobile aggression Symbol, who managed to turn it all around with well positioned brood lords and patient defense of his only mining base.

OSL non-Kespa Dual Tournament Day 1
Group AGroup B
Korea Oz2-0Korea DongRaeGu2-0
Korea Mvp2-1Korea San2-1
Korea Sniper1-2Korea Symbol1-2
Korea Min0-2Korea Byun0-2
Mvp > Min
Oz > Sniper
Oz > Mvp
Sniper > Min
Mvp > Sniper
DongRaeGu > San
Symbol > Byun
DongRaeGu > Symbol
San > Byun
San > Symbol

Full VOD of the first playday can be found below. The remaining two groups featuring MC, Coca, Parting, Seal, NesTea, Vampire, MarineKing and YuGiOh are to be played out on July 23rd.