MC takes third at NASL 3

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 16 July 2012 00:52

Boss Toss Min Chul "MC" Jang scoops another hefty prize check during his around-the-world tour this month. His final victim in NASL 3 was Liquid's Ret, who was totally outclassed and lost harshly 4-0.

His travels to three continents in less than two weeks are certainly paying off for MC and after a third place finish at Homestory Cup, MC took the today the NASL bronze as well after losing 4-2 to Stephano yesterday put him against Ret in the battle for $10,000.

A combination of dark templar openings, 2-base timing attacks and a macro fiesta with a mothership/carrier combo brought MC the flawless victory over the Dutchman who showed admirable ZvP games yesterday but who seemed to never have the advantage in today's series.

The NASL 3 grand final is coming right after the final match of the WCS Canada national finals completes.