PvZ to close NASL Season 3

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 15 July 2012 12:35

Played out yesterday were the quarter and semi final matches of the North American Starleague 3. Millenium's Stephano and SlayerS' Alicia came out as the best in Toronto, Ontario and will face each other off in today's grand final.

Stephano enters the final match of the Starleague with the sweeping momentum from his two big ZvP victories in the quarter and semi finals. In the Ro8, the Frenchman met Liquid`HerO, the protoss regarded as one of the fiercest PvZ-ers in all the world but who stood little to no chance in this particular series. HerO managed to take just one map against Stephano, who then proceeded to raze the protoss to the ground, advancing with a score of 3-1.

His semi-final series against MC was longer, but not much closer. MC, who had just defeated his old rival Puma 3-0, allowed a handful of critical mistakes to slip in that made him fall 4-2 despite his overall good performance in the series.

In the other part of the bracket, Ret destroyed Puzzle in the quarter final to meet Alicia in the round of four. The zerg macro machine seemed perfectly greased and once Ret took a quick 2-0 lead against the Korean, an all-foreign final started looking like a very possible wrap up.

Shakuras Plateau and Daybreak put Alicia back on the map, however, and the Korean swung the series back to equal footing. Everything started falling apart for Ret from that moment on and two maps later, the zerg was pushed down to the bronze final match with a 4-2 loss.

NASL 3 playoffs
Quarter Finals
Korea Puzzle1-3Netherlands Ret
Korea Alicia3-0Canada HuK
Korea MC3-0Korea Puma
France Stephano3-1Korea HerO
Semi Finals
Korea Alicia4-2Netherlands Ret
France Stephano4-2Korea MC

After a succession of top four placements at DreamHack Summer, MLG Spring Arena 2 and Red Bull Battlegrounds, this will be Stephano's first grand final since Assembly Winter in February 2012. Alicia, on the other hand, is still hot from his Spring Championship second place and will be looking forward to scoring the first gold in his career.

The second and final NASL playday resume today at 22:00 CET with the third place match between MC and Ret while the grand final is scheduled to begin at midnight.