NASL S3: MC crushes Puma at the quarter finals

Posted by Eyal "KOKOStern" Stern at 14 July 2012 20:26

MC crushes defending champion Puma 3-0 at the NASL Season 3 Quarter Finals, guaranteeing a place at the semi's and at least 5000$ of the prize pool.

The first match of the quarter finals started out with MC choosing to double expand as Puma committed to killing key sentries while sacrificing some of his marines. The rest of the match was pretty standard as both players got ready to duke it out at the middle of the map.

A couple of high templars were lagging behind MC's main army as Puma sniped them with 4 marauders and both players continued to dance around each other. A warp prism loaded up 4 high templars and seemed to be out of position as it was *caught* by Puma's army, or so he thought as MC took out the templars and decimated the Terran army with perfect storms. MC rushed in with his army to force a GG for the first match.

The second game opened with no early aggression as both players take their first expansions. MC loaded up 4 Sentries in a warp prism and with blink stalkers went up to Puma's base closing up the ramp with force fields. SCVs were pulled to help fight off the offensive as MC destroyed upwards of 20 SCVs. MC then brings in dark templars and takes match two.

Match three started with Puma going gas first as MC scouts him and both players go for one base plays. MC builds a twilight council and a Robo as Puma tries to do some damage with Hellions but fails. The rest of the match sees MC micro blink stalkers perfectly killing off a ton of SCVs and losing almost no units. As MC deals small amounts of damage by destroying Pumas supply depos, he goes for another poke utilizing DTs and shoots even more ahead. Puma is forced to charge with his entire army to try and break MC before the lead gets too large but MCs defense proves to much as Puma calls the GG.

The twice defending champion of NASL is defeated in the quarter finals as MC advanced to the semi's. The Protoss player will face off against either HerO or Stephano in a BO7 for a chance at the finals and the 30,000$ prize.