ZeNEX merge with StarTale

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 13 July 2012 10:39

Come August 1st, the Korean team ZeNEX will be no more as it will merge with StarTale. This move has been suggested by ST's head coach who did not want ZeNEX's management problems to lead to team's dissolution.

Formed in October 2010 after the merging of the clans Zenith and NEX, team ZeNEX tutored prominent players such as Genius, Byun, Puzzle and Coca (all of which now in different teams). The team, however, became hard to manage since formal general manager Dae Ki "Aozora" Kim resigned last December, leaving his successor Hee Won Yun to manage the team with his own funds. Recently, the team also lost its training house all its players thus had no other choice but to train from home.

Afraid that these problems might end with ZeNEX's disbandment, StarTale head coach, general manager and chairman of the e-Sports association Joong Wook Won has suggested that the two clans merge lest ZeNEX's players end up teamless.

According to the source, the merging will be officially completed by August 1st. ZeNEX's general manager will work as a coach for StarTale and all ZeNEX players will play under the ST tag with the start of GSTL Season 3 and GSL Season 4.

ZeNEX players to be acquired by StarTale:
Korea Avenge
Korea Kyrix
Korea Life
Korea SuHoSin
Korea Harrier
Korea Jjun