DongRaeGu: "Naniwa seemed deficient in his PvZ so I wasn't worried"

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 12 July 2012 21:33
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The story that began with the quote "I can do whatever I want and still win against Naniwa" came to an end today as DongRaeGu prevailed over the Swede in Code S' quarter finals after a close Bo5 that would not stand supportive of the aforementioned quote.

Today, the only foreigner in Code S Quantic.Naniwa faced arguably the best player on the planet DongRaeGu for a spot in the semi-finals. After losing game one to an unorthodox 1-gate expand into 4-gate, DongRaeGu sprung back to win the next two series and put himself in the lead. After getting way ahead in set four on Ohana, DRG decided to tech to hydras, which ultimately cost him the game and brought the series to a tie. To advance to the Round of 4, the Korean had to fight tooth and nail on Antiga Shipyard and stop Naniwa's run, who drops out in the Round of 8 for the second time in a row now.

- "I watched Naniwa’s games and he seemed deficient in his PvZ so I wasn’t worried," says DRG in his post-game interview. "However, since last evening, I started getting a bad feeling so did some extra practice which saved me today."

However, DRG does not hold back on confessing that he did some mistakes, "which made [the series] closer than it should have been". One of those is the said hydra tech on Ohana.

- "I was so ahead that I thought I could make any unit and still win so chose hydras. However, it seems hydras are still the symbol of defeat. From now on, unless it’s a special situation, I will never use hydras."

In the other semi-final match for the day, ByuNPrime 3-0'd IM_NesTea to give the viewers a result not many expected. What draws attention away from ByuN's confidence about the series, however, is his statement that a solution has been found for terran's recent ZvT nightmares.

- "I think we’re over it. In late game, battlecruisers supported by ravens can beat Zerg. The solution has been found."

ByuN will be playing IM_Seed in the semi finals and once again the terran player in confident that if he takes set one, the final results should be a 3-0.

Source: Team Liquid