Maddelisk and AL part ways, contracts renewed for the rest of the roster

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 11 July 2012 16:59
Photo by: DreamHack

In a statement not two hours ago, Absolute Legends announced that they will be releasing Swedish female zerg player Madeleine "Maddelisk" Leander as the two parties could not find agreeable terms to extend the contract. The remainder of the team consisting of DeathAngel, Naama and BabyKnight will have their contracts renewed.

Absolute Legends got involved in professional StarCraft 2 with the acquisition of eSahara's roster - hosting players such as HongUn, Maka, Sattini and Naama - in March this year. This summer, the team went through tumultuous times with HongUn retiring, Maka, Sattini and BabyKnight seeing the end of their contracts in June and team manager Kevin "illu" Vandini leaving just two days ago, citing dissenting management policies.

Kevin "illu" Vandini:

"Today is a sad day for our SC2 Squad, the Head-Management and my Management didn’t agree with the new terms for the upcoming season and we decided not to continue together. I want to thank Ryad and Tim to put their trust in me and my management during these months under eSahara and AL. I am really glad to have been part of this adventure, but I would also like to live new projects from now. I remain open to every single proposition and remain up to discuss them, feel free to contact me. I also want to thank all the players that I had under my management during these 8 months, they are great and I have no doubt they will find another team anytime soon, maybe we will stay together, who knows."

In order to continue their involvement in professional SC2, Absolute Legends have decided to offer new contracts to Santeri "Naama" Lahtinen, Jon "Babyknight" Andersen and Andrei "DeathAngel" Nodea. Female zerg player Madeleine "Maddelisk" Leander - winner of Femme Fatale SC2 Cup and NESL Iron Lady - will not re-sign with the team.

Source: Absolute Legends