Mana goes to Korea

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 11 July 2012 00:53

DreamHack Summer's champion MouzMana announced via twitter that he'll be travelling to South Korea for two months or more, departing August 10th.

Just as he told us a few days back, Mana does indeed plan to flex his skills in the GSL while in Korea. He will be staying in the GomTV house together with his brother Funkay.


So... the flights to Korea are booked. I will be going there with my brother Funkay 10th of August and will stay there at least two months, gogo GSL

- "I’ve always wanted to participate in GSL from the very beginning. If I go to Korea I will definitely try my skill in this great tournament, there are a lot of Terrans over there so it should be a really fun time," Mana told us in the aforementioned interview. "I can't wait to sit in [the booth]!"