WCS Korean Championship: Schedule and format details

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 10 July 2012 12:23

Scheduled to kick off on August 6th, the WCS Korean Championship will gather 32 of the best players in the Mecca of StarCraft. KeSPA and GSL contenders alike will come together to determine who is the best player in South Korea.

Although many national finals have passed more or less under the radar of the StarCraft community due to the relatively small quota of well-known players, the Korean National Championship promises to be a whole different matter.

Sixteen players will be directly seeded into the WCS Korean Championship. Ten seeds will go to the leaders in the GSL ranking (top to bottom and as of Season 3 Ro16: Mvp, DongRaeGu, Genius, Squirtle, Parting, Hero, MC, Gumiho, Taeja and Supernova) and six will be awarded to KeSPA players, criteria about the latter yet unannounced.

Bear in mind that seven more Koreans are still competing in the current season of the GSL, thus having the real opportunity to improve their position in the ranking. Those are DongRaeGu, MC, Taeja (currently top 10), NesTea (13th), Seed (15th), Symbol (17th) and Byun (18th).

Four offline preliminaries will be held July 22-23 to fill the remaining 16 spots. The winner of the South Korean nationals will earn a direct seed to the WCS Global Finals (to be held in Asia later this year) and the top will be qualified for the Asia Continental finals.

Source: via ESFI