Zergs in the lead of DreamHack's ranking

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 09 July 2012 18:17

DreamHack posted today an update of their official ranking which is to determine who will qualify for the grand finals this winter. Ret's in the lead with 25 points, followed by Nerchio, Monster, Fraer and Stephano.

The top four at DH Stockholm and the Ro16 finish at DH Summer has put the Dutch zerg on the top, just one point above the recent Homestory Cup champion Nerchio. Monster (top four at Stockholm) and Stephano and Fraer (top four at Summer) complete the top five.

The twelve best players at the end of the fourth DH event (Bucharest, October 27-28) will qualify for DreamHack Winter at the end of November, joining the eight Eizo OPEN grand finalists. Already qualified for DH Winter are Thorzain, Polt (DH Stockholm winner and runner-up), Mana and Dimaga (DH Summer winner and runner-up).

DreamHack Ranking (post DreamHack Summer)

1. Netherlands Ret
2. Poland Nerchio
3. Korea Monster
4. Ukraine Fraer
5. France Stephano
6. Sweden Sase
7. Korea Hero
8. Sweden Naniwa
9. Sweden Sjow
10. Korea Genius
11. Germany Socke
12. Finland Protosser

Best placement, match scores and map scores are used to determine the order when two or more players are tied in points.

Trailing behind the top 12 are players such as Cytoplasm, Taeja, Keen, Morrow, Elfi and HyuN. They will get the chance to swim up the ranking come Eizo Open Valencia, September 22-23.