MC takes the bronze at HSC V

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 08 July 2012 21:50

After losing to Nerchio in the semi-finals, SK's MC defeated GoldenLighT 3-0 in the 3rd/4th place match to pocket $3,000.

With a 6-2 score in the first group stage and undefeated in the second, the reigning Homestory Cup champion MC entered the playoffs as the heavy favorite for the gold. His opponent in the quarter finals was Liquid`Ret who also had close to an immaculate run but who could not perform at the same level as in the first few days. Dropping just one game to a hydra/nydus build, MC walked out victorious against the Dutchman and went on to face Nerchio in the semi final.

Unlike Ret, Nerchio was at his top form. Perfectly orchestrated surrounds and bull's-eye fungals spelled doom for MC, who kept trying to kill the zerg with 2-base all-ins. With Nerchio being incredibly resistant to those, however, MC was pushed down to the bronze final after a 3-1 loss. In his final series for the tournament, SK's protoss destroyed GoldenLighT 3-0, closing the series with a 2-base zealot-heavy attack that punished Golden's decision to never place down a roach warren.

Homestory Cup's final is between Nerchio and YongHwa, a revenge match from Ro16 Group B where Nerchio won 2-1 over the Korean. Aside from the $10,000 first place check, the players will be competing for a seed into the IEM Season VII World Championship.