HSC V Day 3 ends: MVP out, MC undefeated

Posted by Andrei "procyonlotor" Filote at 08 July 2012 00:50

The third day of Homestory Cup V has officially drawn to a close, and we bring you the highlights of the day.

Group D was a close fight. Ret took the early lead, while MVP fell behind, his advancement depending on two conditions:

#1 MVP beats Naama 2 - 0
#2 Ret defeating Golden

Both conditions were ultimately not met, meaning that MVP is now out of the running. Ret and Golden made the group while Mvp played his last match of the tournament which would be a loss to Naama in a tight, three-game series. Group D's standings also meant that the playoffs would see not a single terran, having five zergs and three protosses.

Group C's three way tie was decided by map score, with Slivko advancing at the cost of Sase and Dimaga. MC scored a clean 6 - 0, the only undefeated player of the day.

Nerchio and Yonghwa are Group B's finishers while Sleep and Hasuobs topped Group A. The German qualified for the Ro16 by the skin of his teeth but displayed much more solid games today and smacked down Idra and Happy to place himself just below Sleep.

HSC V Group Stage 2
Group AGroup B
Korea Sleep3-06-2Poland Nerchio3-06-1
Germany HasuObs2-14-3Korea YongHwa2-15-3
Russia Happy0-22-4Norway Snute1-22-5
United States Idra0-21-4United Kingdom Bling0-32-6
Group CGroup D
Korea MC3-06-0Korea Golden2-15-3
Russia Slivko1-23-4Netherlands Ret2-15-3
Sweden Sase1-22-4Finland Naama1-23-5
Ukraine Dimaga1-22-5Korea Mvp1-23-5

The games resume tomorrow at the usual time 14:00 CET with the playoff matches. Quarter and semi finals are Bo5 while the grand final will be a best of 7 series.

HSC V Playoffs
Korea SleepVSKorea YongHwa
Russia SlivkoVSKorea Golden
Poland NerchioVSGermany HasuObs
Korea MCVSNetherlands Ret

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