Tuesday: ReMinD against FoCuS in A1 WC3 Champ'ship quarters

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 07 July 2012 14:38

With the group stage of the MainBlock A1 Warcraft III World Championship finished, the eight remaining players enter a double elimination playoffs. And the seeding for the brackets have given us some highly interesting pairings.

ReMinD went three-zero in group C, which got him paried against group B runner-up FoCuS in the first quarter final. This match, as well as the match between group A winner Fly100% and group C runner-up Infi, is scheduled for Tuesday at 14:00 and 15:00 respectively.

The other side of the quarter finals will give us a Thursday treat as we see TH000 and LawLiet lock horns. Worth to note that LawLiet was able to clinch the quarter final spot on the expense of StarsWar 7 champion JN in the last playday after a convincing 2-0 victory. With wind in the sail, fans will cheer him forward versus another Human virtuoso on Thursday, 14:00.

The fourth and last quarter final is set between Lyn and StoRm in a classic all-Korean Orc versus Human matchup. Lyn came out confident after his 3-0 run in group D, and has the favourship against his Human adversary StoRm in the match scheduled for 15:00.

MainBlock A1 Warcraft III World Championship
Round of 8 - Double Elimination - Round 1
Korea ReMinDvs. Korea FoCuSBet!
China Fly100%vs. China InfiBet!
China TH000vs. Korea LawLietBet!
Korea Lynvs. Korea StoRmBet!

Group stage results
Group A
1 Fly100% 3-0 +6
2 StoRm 2-1 +2
3 Lucifer 1-2 -2
4 Chobo 0-3 -6
Group B
1 TH000 2-1 +3
2 FoCuS 2-1 +0
3 eMaL 1-2 -1
4 Reprisal 1-2 -2
Group C
1 ReMinD 3-0 +5
2 Infi 2-1 +2
3 Believe 1-2 -2
4 Yumiko 0-3 -5
Group D
1 Lyn 3-0 +5
2 LawLiet 2-1 +2
3 JN 1-2 -1
4 Bisu 0-3 -6