Interview with DH champion Mana: 'I'll definitely try for GSL if I go to Korea'

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 06 July 2012 18:02
Photo by: DreamHack

Fresh off his DreamHack Summer victory, Mana sat down with us for a chat just hours before his flight to HSC V. The champion of Jonkoping talks going to Korea, recent changes to the Mouz roster, staying pro or going to university and teams being interested in him.

- "After I was leading 2-0 I was afraid that [losing like I did at Assembly] may happen once again, and then I lost 3rd game..." said Mana when asked how did he feel about getting the early lead in DreamHack's grand final. "It made me feel nervous. My teammates helped me figure out the best strat possible for the last map and it was the perfect counter to what Dimaga did. I felt really good when I saw I am about to win the whole tournament."