DongRaeGu: "I can do whatever I want and still win vs Naniwa"

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 05 July 2012 21:05
Photos by: Thisisgame

ThisIsGame approached to two winners of Ro16 Code S Group D to hear their thoughts on today's matches and their expectation of the quarter finals.

DongRaeGu, who advanced as the group leader after beating Ryung in spectacular ZvT and then NesTea in the winners match, felt confident about making it even further in the tournament. According to the reigning MLG champion, Ro16 has been the hardest step and since he's advancing as group leader he "should be able to get to the finals no matter what."

DongRaeGu's quarter final opponent will be Quantic's Naniwa who remained the only foreigner in Code S after Thorzain's elimination in Ro32. Although the Swede had a solid run in the previous season as well, DRG believes that he will not be an obstacle.

- "I can do whatever I want and still win. That’s all I have to say."

NesTea, who had to overcome Supernova in the final match of the group after falling to DRG, was much more humble in his statements. He admitted that he relied on winning his ZvTs in order to advance but also that his quarter final opponent Byun will be no easy prey.

- "Byun is one Terran I really wanted to avoid. He is exceptionally good. However since it’s decided, I hope we have a fun and amazing match. "

On if he thinks he'll make the grand final, NesTea had this to say:

- "I give myself about 10%. I really want to but can’t guarantee it. There are too many great players so I’ll just focus on the match at hand."

GSL Code S resumes on July 11-12 with the Ro8 matches.

Code S Season 3 Quarter Finals
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Source: via Team Liquid