NaDa returns to eSports as team manager

Posted by Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev at 03 July 2012 21:19

The Genius Terran Yoon Yeol "Nada" Lee who announced his retirement on June 19th will return to the world of professional StarCraft but this time as a manager of a brand new team.

NaDa said goodbye to progaming with family issues and pending military service being among the reasons but luckily for the terran legend a new door opened for him. After his OSL "Legends" match played today, NaDa said that he will be taking the position of head manager for a brand new team called "MJ Team".

- "I have been acting as a model for S-Culture clothing brand for couple months. I also plan to join a StarCraft 2 team called MJ team as head manager, so I can mentor my pupils. I want to create a very strong pro gaming team with my own effort. Mr. Song, the president of S-Culture, will also be the president of MJ. We are in the process of finding coaching staff and players, and many people are already applying. I then plan to go to the military, and get married afterward."

This is definitely good news for Nada's fans who would be happy to learn that the iconic player will not disappear from the world of eSports. About this very topic, Nada had this to say:

- "The president and I are working diligently on this project. Many pro gamers tend to get lost after retiring. I want to show them that there is a path like this by making it successful. I want the current players to be able to retire in the future with confidence for what lies ahead."

Source: ESFI World