viOlet no longer part of the Empire

Posted by Julian "hattfatt" Koch at 02 July 2012 21:15

Beloved by fans and feared by his opponents, viOLet is one premier example of the latest rise of Zerg players. As his contract with Empire ran out, he now has to consider his opportunities.

One of the players with the steepest skill curves in 2012 is now a free agent. Kim ‘viOLet’ Dong Hwan, the Korean currently residing in Texas, is no longer part of Team Empire and therefore available for other teams to be picked up. The winner of MSI Battlegrounds, IEM Sao Paolo and the MLG Spring Arena 2 and of 2012’s top earners up to now currently considers his option which include joining other teams, going fully independent as well as resigning with Empire.
His personal manager, Andrew Tomlinson, released the following message:

To clear up any speculation, viOLet's contract has ended with Empire, and as of now is a free agent. We are reviewing his opportunities for sponsorship both with teams and as an independent.

I want it to be known that there is also a possibility that he resigns with Empire.
I will release a full statement when we have a better idea of his future plans.

Also, I want to state Empire has been a really awesome team for viOLet regardless if he resigns or not.
There is no problems or issues between viOLet and them.

Along with this news, CSN released the following video showcasing viOLet’s life in America:

Source: Team Liquid